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Once Again on the “Human Form”

On the Other Side of the Material World/Once Again on the “Human Form”

Once Again on the “Human Form”

“As for you specifically,” — Vladimir told me — “we all are grateful to you for your mistakes: because you showed us a vivid example of how a ‘human form’ forms — and how to get rid of it.

“When I visited you at your home — you were consisting from the ‘human form’ by 100%!

“Why it happened?

“There is the mechanism that determines, in particular, the forming of behavior: ‘Identification’. For information about this phenomenon, I published the article in one of the scientific journals and in the book ‘How God Can Be Cognized’. The point is that a child at a certain age — without critical evaluation — imprints the behavioral patterns: boy — from a man who is involved in his upbringing, girl — (usually) from mother. This is — an important mechanism for social adaptation as children grow older.

“But you were brought up in that family, which is usually attributed to the category of ‘disadvantaged’: alcoholism, a very low intellectual level, spirituality — none at all. Your mother’s behavior consisted of silly patterns — and she re-gave them to you.

“With age, all quite developed intellectually people subject those patterns to reconsideration. This is — also genetically programmed mechanism of liberation from false mental and behavioral reactions.

“But your life was developing in such a way that you, until recently, were not able — because of the enslavement by your parents — to come in fairly close contacts with other people who were not even spiritual, but, at least, elementary cultural. Therefore, namely primitive forms of social responses remain in you up to your current (still young) age. In fact, you have not seen any other significant positive examples of thinking and behavior of other people!

“What to do now? It is necessary to complete the grand breaking your false patterns, learning, at the same time, yourself while watching the behavior of other people — behavior both correct and false. I will be glad if could help you in it. So — success to you!

“... I, too, grew up in a very difficult — in an ethical relation — family. And, too, at first inadvertently copied false patterns of behavior — from my father. But, from a certain age, I realized that we must learn from our parents and other people — not only how we should behave, but also how not.

“And then — I began to learn from God!”

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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