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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Everyone Needs to Learn the Ethical Teachings of God!

On the Other Side of the Material World/Everyone Needs to Learn the Ethical Teachings of God!

Everyone Needs to Learn the Ethical Teachings of God!

After a pause, Vladimir spoke again:

“In no case one can ignore the prescriptions of God! On the contrary, any spiritual work must begin with this!

“All those groups of every size, which call themselves spiritual, but train only in psycho-energy, and whose leaders themselves are often ugly in an ethical perspective —they all only harm the development of their participants!

“With specific regard to our activities, we have created all the necessary so that all followers could learn from the appropriate materials: we have published books, even supplied the relevant photos and video films.

“But... there are those who, and even under these circumstances, ignore the Words of God, though they read the books and listened to the lectures, watched movies...

“On one such case, I once told previously. This was a very long time ago. Successfully meditated good guy, six months after completion of the training, found himself in a situation where his former friends refused to return his money.

“What in such cases Jesus offered to do?...

“But that guy decided to fight, became himself coarse emotionally, enraged those former friends, began to suffer from their fury, could not bear it... The upshot was — he jumped out the window and died...

“Not in vain that life was lived by him. Having accustomed himself to post-incarnate existence, he understood and recognized his mistakes. Then he quickly calmed down and was involved in the work of helping embodied people. His size (as a soul) as a result of the last incarnation was comparable to the size of our city. He was — during incarnation — gentle soul and perfect in different aspects. His former life was not bad! Being incarnated next time, he will have already an excellent ‘groundwork’ for future spiritual growth.

“Although... if he would be more careful, he could continue the perfecting already in this lifetime...

“And — one more case. Adult male who, too, has read and viewed everything, once saw in our company a young and charming woman... And he... began to behave towards her... — as a primitive hooligan!...

“I, of course, stopped him, shamed with quotations from the New Testament... In particular, such as ‘Do not do to others what you do not want to me!’, ‘In humility, consider others better than yourself!’ I also reminded him that the violence, i.e. the capacity to use force against others, is one of the sharpest human vices that characterize the ‘bulging’ and ‘protrudent’ ‘lower i’ — as opposed to humility! And it must be replaced with care and (non-intrusive) love, tenderness! I also told him that his inappropriate behavior disturbs the basic principle of ethics: the striving to not cause unnecessary harm to anyone!...

“And how I was ashamed in front of that woman — because she had seen, who was next to me!...

“Over the years of our friendship, he never manifested any evidence that, for example, he did not learn to respect others! He retained the ability to commit violence over the other — for the sake of his own pleasure!...

“Although we have studied a long time the theme of humility — he did not learn to live in accordance with this principle in practice...

“And plus there suddenly emerged, simultaneously with the first, another flaw: the tendency to distort contemptuously and mock the names of interlocutors...

“Only arrogant primitives are capable of that!

“... We worked a lot on the subject of Mergence with Holy Spirits in the United We. But how can it be realized, not only in words but namely in deeds, — by those who live the principle of self-righteous primitives: ‘I am doing what I want!’? But love — it is not satisfying one’s own primitive egoistic passions, but life which is dedicated to helping, caring for others; it is often associated with self-sacrifice...

“I hope he has understood. At least, he apologized... So, this situation, I would like to think, went to his advantage...

“Do you see? — As well as in your case, this unfortunate incident turned out to be, ultimately, rewarding.

“But otherwise... What would be his future fate, if this primitivism in him was not discovered and defeated?

“Of course, with such flagrant soul vices, he could not be admitted by the Creator to live in His Abode or even near it. This incarnation would be terminated very soon...

“And what then?

“Then he would be embodied again, keeping these very rough soul’s defects and at the same time having power of the consciousness. The latter would give him a strong sense of superiority over other people... Dominating arrogance combined with the quickly developing under such circumstances rudeness of consciousness — it would predetermine him to the degradation and devilishing. So, hell...?

“... By the way, how to distinguish between lust, that is, primitive egoistic passions sexual desire, — and true love in the sexual aspect?

“Love is tender! Love — it is also respect for your partner! And — taking care of the other! And this care must be greater than of yourself!

“Lust is rude and it often associates with violence, contempt, an arrogant attitude to another person. These are the properties of one’s own vicious ‘lower i’.

“A indication of true love is a constant ‘feedback’ with a partner. It leads to a sense of common we in the process of merging not only bodies, but also souls.

“This kind of love helps the spiritual growth and is encouraged by God.

“But the opposing variants of sexuality lead only to accumulation of negative karma.”

* * *

Vladimir continued:

“Ethics should be seen as consisting of several sections. This is — the human relationships with:

a) God,

b) other people,

c) animals and plants — as also the evolving units of life,

d) the entire environment as a whole, including the planet on which we live.

“It would be nice for each person to consider deeply all these items and constantly correct oneself in accordance with them.

“And the main principle of relationships with all beings — let it be this: ‘Do not harm anyone without extreme necessity, and help all in everything good!’

“There are those vices, from which it is easy to escape. It’s enough to understand that it is not correct, to repent, to apologize to the victims of my wrongdoing — and cease forever behaving so.

“But there are vices which are not easy to get rid of. It is when they have ‘sprouted’ in the soul so deeply that now they seem as if a substantial part of it. From them — it is not easy to escape, even though one sees these flaws in oneself.

“In such cases, the fight against them must be very persistent. And each defect must be exactly ‘uprooted’, as was advised by the Philip the Apostle in His Gospel (fragment 123). Otherwise, it not eradicate such defect to zero, this allows it then to grow up by new shoots.

“But how — to eradicate? By carefully tracking all its manifestations throughout one’s whole life, including sometimes even previous incarnations, — and finding exactly the right decisions in all those situations where the defect manifested itself.

“Here is an example.

“... In a historical era, when troops widely used cavalry, in one of the units was a fierce military commander. Before the battle, he furiously lashed his horse with a whip, forcing it to rear and to ‘dance’ on hind legs, and he shouted at the soldiers, calling to fight bravely, and threatened to shoot or hack by a saber anyone who will not fulfill it.

“He was rude and cruel leader. But, on the other hand, he was brave and, battling, he pursued righteous purpose: to defend their country.

“He did not consider his behavior as perverse, because he was an atheist and did not will to heed the Opinion of God.

“... The next time he was embodied in the Sufi community, became a Sufi. There he gained the knowledge of the existence of God, was learning to meditate.

“But in that Sufi community, they did not pay enough attention to the eradication of soul vices. They trained — in meditation exclusively.

“... The result was that he had carried his vices from that first described incarnation — into the modern life on the Earth.

“He grew as the overbearing and rude egocentric, intolerant to all those who did not obey his commands. He was not able to take into account the views of other people. Respect for those, whom he regarded as ‘inferior’, was not observed at all. Important spiritual quality, which is called tact, in his thinking and behavior was absent completely. Some his actions were so shocking and not adequate for generally accepted and reasonable norms of the elementary culture of behavior, — that even to talk about them — it would be very unpleasant.

“But, on the other hand, having developed (albeit ‘one-sided’) intelligence, he was easily able to perceive the knowledge of God. Also — he had high ability to master the meditative steps.

“For some time, he began to receive revelations from God. Then — effectively committed to service to Him.

“But, for example, he was unable to find a worthy lady-companion of life: in fact, none of the well-developed women wanted to endure the constant proddings and his command style of communicating...

“... I had to have many difficult conversations with him on this subject...

“Forecast seems favorable...

“... There is a fundamental difference between egocentrics, living for the satisfaction of their desires, — and those who are motivated by love, that is, who devote their lives to the good of others.

“By helping others, sacrificing oneself for the sake of them, — these people forget about their personal welfare. And for the remnants of their self-centeredness, if they still are — there is no room, and they disappear completely.

“Such people are capable of rapid spiritual progress. Why? Because their main quality is love! Knowing how to love and having acquired sufficient knowledge of God, they are apt to learn to love God. And God opens His Embraces for them!

“But people with opposing soul’s qualities... — are fighting for the satisfaction of their personal whims. Their primitive self-centeredness can be so intense that they even in the self-sacrificial exploits of true heroes... try to find selfish motives...

“... Let me tell you more about you.

“Now you have completed a full repentance — with self-examination and remorse — for everything that was wrong in you, including in regard to the ‘human form’. This, your penance is accepted by God.

“So — start to live a new life!

“I'm sorry that you experienced pain in connection with me. But, if you had not overcome this painful threshold in your life, — you would continue to live your former flabby and primitive way of existence! Now — master a new life — with God and in God!

“But, at the same time, (I will tell now not about you specifically, but, so to speak, general theoretically) one should always keep in mind the principle of ‘golden mean’. In this case, I mean that freedom should be, first and foremost, internal rather than external! That is, one should strive never to offend other people by one’s own behavior, which can cause in them a negative emotional reaction! This would be direct harm caused to them!

“Here is an example from my distant past:

“One of those who considered himself to be my follower, began to display large groups of his disciples — naked — to the playground in the forest, where were football trainings. Members of his groups thought that they present a positive example of the ‘spiritual life’: ‘and you become naturists-nudists!’. “But the reaction was opposite. I then was talked about the heard the views among footballers: ‘Here people play football, but those — walk naked!’. Here was a profound contempt for those...

“One more example:

“Winter. Ice hole on the lake for winter swimmers. The guy, inspired by the idea of \x{200b}\x{200b}naturism, many times a day bathes naked in the ice hole — in those moments when the other winter swimmers come to bath. The guy is convinced that he commits the spiritual feat, preaching by his own example, the right — in his view — way of behaving... But he did not know what those, for whom he tried, spoke about him... They spoke with disgust: they refer to him as to a... defiler of their holy place!

“Conclusion: we should never impose on others our own beliefs, which are unacceptable for them.”

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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