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On the Origin of Places of Power

On the Other Side of the Material World/On the Origin of Places of Power

On the Origin of Places of Power

Despite the fact that we went to the same places of power, as before, there never was uniformity in training. As soon as we were fixed on the next step of ascent, God immediately suggested the following one, the height of which was dizzy.

By the way, Vladimir told us about the nature, origin of places of power:

“There is a point of view that they are a kind of acupuncture points on the terminals of the energy meridians passing in the Earth’s body; this is similar to what exists in our bodies. This hypothesis is beautiful, but it is not true.

“In fact, most of the positive places of power are created by Holy Spirits or Avatars. These are Their working sites intended for spiritual help to Their disciples. With this phenomenon, we are already very well acquainted.

“And on such places minerals (rocks, sand) and other objects are saturated with the Divine Energy — and retain it, even if they are moved to other places.

“But it happens that ordinary people when they experience very strong emotions — positive or negative — leave traces of such emotions for a long time in the places where they lived, enjoyed and suffered, or where their bodies are buried. Temples and tombs are typical examples; they may have either beneficial, or harmful to us energy.

“Negative places of power may be as ‘islands of hell’ on the surface of the Earth: here live incarnate or non-incarnate representatives of hell.

“Negative places of power can also be created by technical devices, such as powerful transformers.

“I never was at uranium fields or at the fields of nuclear explosions. I do not know what energy is there, it is possible that also is negative.”

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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