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On the Captain’s Bridge of Admiral Nakhimov

On the Other Side of the Material World/On the Captain’s Bridge of Admiral Nakhimov

On the Captain’s Bridge of Admiral Nakhimov

We have come to the working site of Admiral Nakhimov and stopped next to the fallen trunk of a large pine tree.

Vladimir began to explain:

“The main theme of meditation, which Nakhimov wants to give to embodied people, can be felt optimally here:

“In early morning we go up to the captain’s bridge of His flagship.

“On the sea — calm.

“Morning fog over water is illuminated by the rising sun over the horizon.

“We are dissolving in its light and becoming this morning sattva, its tenderness!

“This is a very important state, which should be imprinted: morning sattva of sea, calm, fog which is lit by the rising sun... The deepest silence and tenderness...

“This is that, which we ourselves need to be, and what is appropriate to give to others!

“When we are this expansive tender silence, it is possible, being it, to climb up, to descend — and there is already everywhere only the Light — the most delicate and finest! It is everywhere!... No ship, no sea, no my body, but — now already — only the state of the Divine Living Light!

“It is in reality — Living Light! Because this Light is the state of the quite particular Holy Spirit by the name Admiral Nakhimov!

“We are here in this Holy Spirit! And it is necessary to understand, to imprint! This is one of the main Manifestations of life in the universe — the Holy Spirit. He, in particular, — is this!

“This state is necessary to imprint, so that one could go into this state in any other conditions. This is the state of Admiral Nakhimov!”

... I saw the surface of water — pale blue. A little further — the gentle light mist, pink dawn... Ringing silence... Tenderness... And — faint splash of water on the side of the ship...

We are alone at sea, far away from the coasts...

And then — I disappeared like mist in the warm sunshine...

And there was only Nakhimov — Living Light, Peace, the Divine Tenderness... This Light was really Living: movable within Himself, it was possible to communicate with Him in the emotions of love, it was possible to become Him...

Vladimir continued meditation:

“Let’s dive as deep as possible — and try to feel the maximum size of the Ocean of Living Divine Light-Tenderness... Dissolve in Him — and merge with Him!

“’I am no more, there is only Ocean!’... Or — feel that ‘I am the Ocean!’ Alternate between these two states.

“Let me remind that the transformation of a consciousness can be made only by a developed spiritual heart!

“The spiritual heart should have arms. And it’s possible to use the soft and broad strokes of these huge arms to move as far away from my upper ‘bubble of perception’.”

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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