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Who is Brahman?

On the Other Side of the Material World/Who is Brahman?

Who is Brahman?

“In the Mahabharata,” — Vladimir continued, — “there this idea, literally do not remember verbatimly now, but the point is this: The Fire of Brahman can be cognized by only those who have kindled the fire in themselves. That is, you need to have, in terms of Agni Yoga, the burning spiritual heart! What does it mean? It is existent in the spiritual heart with the intense desire to help others! This desire to help others is an expression of love! The fire of love must truly burn in one — for this one to be able to achieve success on the spiritual Path!

“And those who only wait to be loved, wait to be helped — they cannot achieve any success.

“Burning love in the spiritual heart — from God’s point of view — makes one worthy of God’s Help to the maximum extent.

“We know quite specifically many Holy Spirits. What is Their main motive in life? Of course, this is the desire to help everyone able to be helped! It is Their main feature! Among Their other qualities are Divine Subtlety, Wisdom, Vastness, ability to Merge, Omnipotence. But most importantly — an intense desire to help! And the embodied people who have the same burning love, — they have the maximum opportunity to get God’s Help!

“Helping people can be done in different ways. And everyone should try to serve by one’s own supreme ‘gift’. It is written so in the Russian translation of the New Testament; these are the words of Paul the Apostle. Incidentally, the word ‘gift’ — it is a bad translation. In reality, it needs to say not about a gift but about an ability. Because not God endows a human with certain qualities, rather each himself or herself develops them in a series of incarnations.

“And now — attune to the love-burning of the Holy Spirits, Who are present here: Ngomo, Adler, Krishna, Gautama Buddha, plus Those Whom we already have mentioned.”

“Adler says:

“‘On your shoulders, I lay the responsibility for the Evolution on the Earth! Each of you is particularly dear for Me!’

“And now — Krishna:

“‘Each will be especially dear for Me, who actively participate in this Process!’

Vladimir continued:

“It is very important at the beginning of the way of Buddhi Yoga — to learn to feel one-to-one with God! We once had special training: at the appropriate place of power we dispersed over considerable distances from each other, so as not to feel each other, but feel only God. Then — we again gathered at the appointed time.

“The ability to feel oneself one-to-one with Them — it is a very important state for beginners. Due to this, the optimal conditions appear to personally accept the Will of God concerning myself. ‘There is only He — and I am’. And then: ‘I dissolve, disappear in Him’. And even then, although not very soon, ‘Am acting from Him, from Oneness with Him’.”*

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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