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Distance to God

On the Other Side of the Material World/Distance to God

Distance to God

Once again we worked on the site of Nakhimov.

Vladimir said:

“When we embrace and then merge with the Holy Spirits, we can easily determine the distance to God.

Jesus spoke about (it is in the ‘Book of Jesus’ by Ben Cullen) the distance to God — no more than the thickness of a thin sheet of paper.

“And here, we now are able to ensure that this distance does not exist for us at all!


“And is there in fact some kind of distance between man and God?

“Why God — to many people — in fact, is very far, but ‘devil is closer’, as they say?

“Here, it is necessary, first of all, to measure the distance not in kilometers or some other units, but compare the quality of souls, consciousnesses.

“The distance from man-devil-in-flesh to God is really very large. They are at opposite ends of the ‘scale of subtlety — rudeness’. This is — the distance between the eons (lokas, layers) of multi-dimensional space. I repeat that we are talking now about the differences in quality of souls, not about measuring in the planar distance.

“Getting close to God is possible, neither by reaching Him somewhere in a rocket or airplane, nor by car, nor by feet. But to be closer to God is possible only through changing the consciousness. It should become closer, closer, closer..., developing the desired qualities and living without sins, that is, without dirtying the soul. Plus — remove from myself everything that is not Divine. And then — the distance to God disappears empirically.

“Let’s now, having merged with the Holy Spirits, enter into anahatas from behind of our bodies, fill anahatas with the United We of Holy Spirits, then fill the whole bodies as well — and make sure that the distance to God is not at all! God — in the Aspect of the Holy Spirit — is in me, and I am in Him in the truest sense! We — have merged!

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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