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“Hole of Babaji”

On the Other Side of the Material World/“Hole of Babaji”

“Hole of Babaji”

“Here — Don Juan Matus and Babaji,” — Vladimir said, when we had come to the next place of power. — “They divided in half this part of the forest.

“Now we — in Babaji. You can see His Face in His favorite hood.

“We will make a total reciprocity around not only the body, but around the space surrounding the body.

“Firstly, let’s feel that there is as if a hole in space, which includes the body of each of us. And then we do the total reciprocity around this ‘hole’. That is, we expand all the vectors of attention from outsideinto this ‘hole’.

“This exercise will be especially significant when we learn the Merging with the United We in the Turiynity, that is, in the Transparent Calm, in the ground state of the Primordial Consciousness. We already learned this state on the working site of Huang Di — with His help. More may be added that the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness was called by Philip the Apostle, in the words of Jesus, as the ‘Bridal Chamber’ of God-the-Father.

“Further it is possible to practice the following: each takes the body out of the place of power — to compare how good the exercise turns out in it — and how difficult is to do the same without the place of power.

“And ‘Hole of Babaji’ can be of different sizes. It can be extended, for example, to the scale of entire our planet.

“By the way, why have we called this meditation: ‘Hole of Babaji’? Because namely Babaji presented it to us.

“But the same, if one were to research the history, said Gautama Buddha. He called this phenomenon or state — ‘emptiness’. That is, the volume of space in and around my body is without my self-sensation, and therefore there is no me (as a consciousness) there. And where am I? I am around this space ‘hole’ or ‘emptiness’ — in mergence with the inhabitants of the loka (eon), in which I began my meditation.

“But most of those who now call themselves Buddhists, were not able to understand this — and they began, at best, to call as ‘emptinesses’ — lokas of multidimensional space.

“Why did it happen? Because they had not apprehended the wish of the Founder of Buddhism concerning turning ourselves into Love through the work with the spiritual heart...

“Here we have yet to understand that the ‘emptiness’ has a valid value only if it takes place in the subtlest lokas.”*

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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