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In the “Sun of Adler”

On the Other Side of the Material World/In the “Sun of Adler”

In the “Sun of Adler”

We were on a new for me place of power of Adler. It was located in a forest on the edge of an old conflagration.

“Here — forest path,” — Vladimir began to explain the new meditation. — “Look here. If one were to look into the depths of multidimensionality, that edge of the track is like the ‘edge of the flat Earth’. That is, we are standing now as if at the edge of the Earth. And after this ‘edge’ is the huge ‘Sun of God’ of Adler — colossal in size! It is possible to descend into His ‘Sun’, throw there our arms and the consciousnesses, look there around. Then — melt in His Fire and merge with Him.

“The first task, the first exercise here — to become that ‘Sun’. And then it will be possible to affect by the Fire of this ‘Sun’ the material body.

“And here is another important appointment: each can ‘sunbathe’ in this ‘Sun’. We sunbathe in this case — from inside, entering the body through the widely opened from behind middle meridian.

“I recall the main features of Merging with God,” — Vladimir continued. — “It is, firstly, — in the embrace with the Holy Spirits: we are expanding the consciousness back from anahatas, become the Living Light, refined to a state of Holy Spirits, embrace Them — and then we are the United We with Them.

“Second — the Mergence with the United We in Turiynity. For this, useful are the skills from the meditation ‘Hole of Babaji’.

“Third — the Mergence with the Divine Fire. Here — the Divine Fire is represented by Adler, but the same can be created by Others: for example, Jesus, Assyris, Sarkar, Surya, Yamamata, Ngomo, Vasilyok or Their United We.

“So, today we are working with the Divine Fire.

“Turiynity is the state of Calm of the Creator. From this state, too, He supports incarnate beings. Turiynity is also the United We of Holy Spirits Who are now in Calm.

“And the Divine Fire — it is the most active state of God, which we must also learn to be.

“What we have not yet mastered, is the management of matter. We almost do not know how it’s done. The many cases of clear and rapid transformation of matter, which took place in front of us, except for some healing, were carried out not just by us, but by One of our Divine Teachers. Therefore, we ourselves do not have such experience. But it is clear that such siddhis as materialization, dematerialization and the like, are made from Turiynity or from the Fiery states. Let’s hope that this is in the future for us.

“And we also need to understand how we are not perfect. Nothing is to be proud of in our achievements! All this is insignificant in comparison with Their achievements!

“And yet — a very important point to consider: we should be able not only to pour into the already created by Them ‘Suns of God’, but also learn to do such ‘Suns’. We now must imprint what it is — the ‘Sun of God’. And then we will rise as the Divine Suns from the Fiery Ocean — in any situation on the material plane.

“Well, it’s all I had to say right now...

“More — it can be said here in conversation with Adler.

“Adler recalls about our arms of the consciousness. In order to realize the Power and Majesty of this His state, it is possible to bring our arms into His Arms and touch the boundaries of His ‘Sun of God’ from inside.

“Moreover, the deeper I go into His ‘Sun’, the easier to dissolve in Him and become Him.

“To feel the Greatness of the ‘Sun of God’ and Its size — it is easy when we have active arms of consciousness.

“Here Huang Di is now with us. He says that this meditation should be very seriously worked today — to consider this phase of our development complete. He says that this meditation is quite clear and understandable — and therefore it is easy to perform by each of those present. Therefore all should imprint it. And each must record for oneself the individual characteristics of perception of it. What for? To make it easier to restore it later from memory. Soon then the continuation of the theme of the Divine Fire progresses: it will be necessary to learn to be in this state without places of power.

“... I was familiar with the director of a club,” — Vladimir said. — “He was very sympathetic to me and to our activity. But there was no possibility to entice him to take part in the classes! He read my books published in those years… ‘But’ — he said — ‘why is this for me? I know the forest, where I have a cottage, a place where I feel myself great! Is it probably — a place of power?’ I replied: ‘Yes, of course!’ ‘Well, what more do I want? I every time come back there, spend there the whole day... What else is needed?!’

“Well, for us is necessary another. We should not only feel good. We need to learn from God!

“Regarding the employment of psychic self-regulation, I heard this kind of bright remarks: ‘This is my self-regulation! — and that man shows gesture as he pours a glass of vodka and pours it into his body’... This is very far from being able to understand the meaning of our lives and especially to try to implement it to the maximum!

“As for specific places of power, it is necessary to know exactly what to do on each of them. Somewhere it could be dissolving in Someone of the Holy Spirits and to learn from Him or Her. Or — to sit near the campfire, relaxing. And it can become the Divine Fire — one of the brightest and greatest Manifestation of God. This is — one of the last stages of acquiring the Divinity.”

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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