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On the Love for God

On the Other Side of the Material World/On the Love for God

On the Love for God

“It is necessary to perceive God as not, for example, simply Light and Fire — but as the Living Perfect Macro Being of universal size! And our love for Him must be appropriate!

“It, in particular, should be essentially respectful. And let it be like that of loving servants — to their Perfect Master, Lord! But — in any case our attitude towards Him should not be as the ‘love’ of parasites-beggars!”

... After some time, Vladimir changed the subject:

“We need to know how to meditate, not only in the vertical position of the body, but in lying too. It may happen one day an illness or injury will force one to lay long.

“Or — can be an optimistic situation, ‘sunbathing from the inside’.

“Here, too, there is a special problem: the need to learn — when body is supine — to keep the verticality of consciousness. And it cannot be immediately obtained.

“First, we come into the necessary standing meditation. Then — we try to keep this meditation while lying the body down. Then we, as spiritual hearts, go to different states, including Turiynity or the Divine Fire. In all cases, there must be active participation of the arms of consciousness.”

I asked Vladimir:

“How can other people deserve such Love of God, to make this possible: merge with Him, and become Him?”

“An example might be the relationships of Jesus — with His disciples. Let us remember what They told us about Themselves: They were reaching the Divinity, serving God.

“For this — Jesus was all the time with them and helped, helped, helped — as long as They are not too settled in the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness.

“They — by Their deeds — helped Jesus to fulfill His work. And by this service to Him — They deserved the Love of Jesus, when He took care of Them as those Selected.

“That is, here is the role of the service for God! Service — of course, sincere, not selfish!

“The relationships with God can not be built on the principle: ‘I help You — and You have to bring me this in return’.

“The service must be sincere, unselfish!

“‘I thirst to feasibly help the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness!’ — this is the formula for life on the Earth, which helps one to enter into the Members of the Family of the Holy Spirits in Their United We. Such an attitude to life is well understandable for Them: They Themselves lived and grew up adhering to this principle of life! Otherwise They would not become such as They are now!

“We talked about the love for God — that Love, in response to which God helped His Friends — Jesus’ Apostles. In this regard, we can look at how different people understand their love for God. Most of those who consider themselves as believers in His Being, believe that they love God. But what they mean by their love — it makes sense to think about.

“For example, how would different people answer the question regarding how they love God? ‘How do you love God?’ And the majority of people in our country will cross themselves and say: ‘Lord, have mercy! I love God so!’.

“But whether it is the love for God really? For the reasonable — the answer is obvious...

“And we must put to ourselves another question: ‘How, in reality, I can personally express my love for Him?’

“Real love is expressed in the emotions and deeds, not in words only!

“What should be my emotions of love directed to God?

“Which Aspects and Manifestations of God I can direct my emotions of love to?

“By what deeds, which are the manifestation of the love for God, can I personally commit to — taking into account my personal capacities?

“These are the questions that should be put by everyone in front of oneself.

“Why is the formula: ‘Lord, have mercy!’ not a manifestation of love? Because it is — selfish, it is — begging! So this is not the true love!

“We will not now continue this topic, because it is a question for everyone — to oneself.”*

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