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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

On Avatars

On the Other Side of the Material World/On Avatars

On Avatars

The other day, we were in the Valley of Babaji.

Vladimir began to relay His words:

“‘If everyone is going to rely on Me, then I flatten the possible zigzags of the way of each. This applies to both: your own development, and service. Otherwise there is a tendency of falling into extremes, and then — for a long time and sometimes through painful difficulties — to look for the ‘golden mean’ between those extremes.

“‘If you constantly feel Me and accept My Will, replacing by It your own wishes, then everything turns quickly, almost instantly — if you look at the historical scale.

“‘How seldom people could hear all the knowledge of Me! Not often Those Avatars visited this material world, Who started Their lives on the Earth from the Divine state! Such were the Feats of Jesus Christ, Sathya Sai Baba... Think also of Pythagoras and Others. In earthly concepts, almost all Their fates were sad. And a lot of the suffering They had to endure on the Earth — in order, in particular, that people remember the Teachings of God, which He passed through these Heroes!

“‘But especially great value have Those Who became Avatars, not issuing from the Abode of the Primordial, but represent God as a result of Their spiritual efforts during Their present incarnations. Because each such Individual remembers clearly One’s own spiritual experience and how it is necessary to build the steps of the spiritual knowledge for other incarnate people. This situation happens once in centuries...’

“Mary Magdalene is here,” — Vladimir drew our attention to Her. — “Also — Apostle Mark, Isak (not Isaac). Isak says that He was one of the fifty disciples of Jesus. Not of twelve, but namely, of fifty. He says that after a few subsequent incarnations He has become like the Greatest of the Greatests, Who lived at that time on the Earth. That is, He means Jesus.

“He says that after some later embodiments after that which occurred at the time of the Incarnation of Jesus — He has well advanced with the help of meditation ‘Temple’ given to Him by Jesus. This refers to the giant form of consciousness, which is similar to a modern Orthodox church temple; Jesus taught His disciples this meditation,” — Vladimir communicated Isak’s words.

“‘As a result, I also attained the Perfection,’ — Isak says. — ‘And there are also more of us fifty who have attained. They are not few!

“‘Not only in that incarnation, We all moved to the Perfection, but in later incarnations as well. And Jesus took care of us then too: continued to teach and protect from adversity.

“‘And now — We all help, in particular, you.’”

... Vladimir remembered a famous chess grand master in the past in Europe, who once helped with translating our books into German. Then one day, he said that, apparently, no longer will he be able to participate in our common efforts, because he does not believe that he will live long enough in the present body: vision has deteriorated, age... And after some time, Vladimir met with Him unembodied — now as the Holy Spirit... That is, the evolved soul was able to complete its evolution thanks to Vladimir’s books, without meeting bodily...

“And now Cair will speak,” — Vladimir continued:

“‘I and We — always are close to you. We, in particular, search your techniques and together with you, by your experience, are improving our help to incarnate people. So, knowledge on this topic is accumulated. Yes, we all are conducting a creative work to further improvement of the methodology of spiritual development!’”

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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