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Omnipotence of Adler

On the Other Side of the Material World/Omnipotence of Adler

Omnipotence of Adler

At one of the places of power of Adler, Vladimir drew our attention:

“Now Adler demonstrates modifications of Himself. And He shows how He can induce any states in any soul or souls, coming into them. In particular, He can manage any incarnate being on our entire planet.

“What does this mean? About that, in particular, to what measure are we ready to rely on God’s Will? Nothing can happen to us without the Will of God! God is ready to tame, to initiate, activate, disembody, ridicule, humiliate, caress, love by that Love which none of the usual embodied people know! He is also prepared to send any spirit, even the most fallen, anywhere with any task.

“Therefore, we have no reason to look out for something to be afraid of — besides our own mistakes!

“But when we persist in our mistakes — then He can warn us through, including, incarnate and non-incarnate villains, correcting by this our ways before Him.

“Therefore, in the case of any difficulties, failures — we can appeal, in particular, to Him — to understand what is it? After all, if something of this nature has happened to me — there is reason for this and also His Will!

“He is also ready to answer any of our questions.

“Now Adler merged by His ‘Non-I’ with the whole infinity and invites us all to do the same! And — to live this way now, and in any other day of our lives in these bodies!

“He again congratulates Tatyana on her successes!” — Vladimir appealed to me: — “He says that your success is huge! He says that our other Teachers did not expect from you such a breakthrough, such a depth of understanding, such intensity of transformation during these few days!”

... I asked Him:

“Adler, is it possible to say that You are the biggest of all the Holy Spirits, Who watch over the Earth?”

“He answers:

“Yes, more than I is no one. In this perspective, differ Those Who had formed Themselves as God before the appearance of life on the Earth — and Those Who for centuries had to climb this mountain of perfecting on this planet. This determines the extent to which one or another Holy Spirit had time to ‘germinate’ into the Depths of Infinity. In this regard, I am one of the oldest here in age and in rootness in the Infinite Universe.

“Throughout your work all the time, I’ll accompany you all. Your Mission on the Earth is very dear to Me! It is similar to the Mission of Jesus Christ.

“And you — have to feel every slightest ‘rustle of thoughts’ of your Teachers and to be constantly tuned to this.

“But everyone should take into account that I also listen to and hear ‘noises’ of your thoughts...”

... Adler completely filled my body, pierced every cell of it. Omnipotence of Adler now lives in my body.

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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