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“Sunbathing from Inside” and “Mountain of Odin”

On the Other Side of the Material World/“Sunbathing from Inside” and “Mountain of Odin”

“Sunbathing from Inside” and “Mountain of Odin”

In the morning, we went back to the discussion on meditation “sunbathing from inside”.

Vladimir explained:

Odin offers us today the work lying down.

“I recall the theme. All the work starts with the ‘warm-up’ on all three points, we have mastered these days.

“Then we repose the bodies horizontally. And ourselves — as consciousnesses — become vertical.

“The spiritual heart used to be below the head. It is its familiar and thus comfortable position. We need to expand by the spiritual heart. And having expanded in the eon inhabited by Holy Spirits, our Friends and Teachers, — one can embrace there Them. Their Arms penetrate us, our Arms embrace Them. We are woven together and co-dissolved. Here is the happy state of United We! So now we must live!

“In the United We there are no other states, besides happiness and bliss! Probably, it is necessary to exit from a state of the United We — to grieve about some incarnate who does not understand what God wants of him or her... (I joke).

“I have not seen even once, how They feel pity for an incarnate... Probably, feel pity...

“Other state — it is the Divine Fire. We can remember our ‘jumping into the Fiery abyss’ at Vasilyok, Eagle, Adler, Sarkar. We must learn to easily penetrate into the Ocean of Divine Fire — and from there to rise as the ‘Sun of God’. To do all this is necessary with the participation of the hands of consciousness. Any movement, any self-sense in a particular eon — all this may be done only with the help of such hands.

“Odin began to say that yes, today is His day for us, He will help us. Today He represents Himself as a ‘Sun of God’. He says that ‘sunbathing from inside’, to draw the body near the ‘Sun of God’, provides for the body full health — if all parts of the body become worked well enough by ‘sunbathing’ them. It is also — a direct path to full Deification of the body’s matter.

“From the depths of the Divine Fire, being Him, we — with our hands — can easily extend and clear the bodily middle meridian. And when our middle meridians are in such a state, it becomes simple to ‘sunbathe’ from them. This then is no longer a problem.

“But in order to at some moment disintegrate matter... We have already discussed how it may be done: Adler talked about this from the perspective of the dissolution of our planet. He said that it is enough for Him to remove Himself out of matter of the Earth — and dematerialization happens. All the electrons fall to the cores — and the matter disappears.

“But to fill some created image with God (in His appropriate Manifestation) — it means that the electrons recover their orbits and there is the creation of this material object.

“... Odin now is going to show something for us.

“... We also should remember that Odin is a ‘Scandinavian’ Representative of the Creator.

“The formula ‘Great is Odin-God!’ — this is the key mantra to which He responds very quickly, coming up. One can be appeal to Him exactly in this way.

“... And now, Great Odin-God accommodates us into Himself. You can perceive Him from the inside — like a Huge Mountain, filled with the Divine Fire. We can disappear in this His Fire, can merge with Him and become Him.

“Or you can explore Odin, moving the concentration of the consciousness in His ‘Body’ of Consciousness, of course, loving Him at the same time!

“Odin smiles” — Vladimir passed us his observations.

We all began to smile too.

“He says that a smile of each one of us is dear for Him, as well as every gentle touch of our hands. He accepts all this very positively, with pleasure, and is ready to respond with His tender Love.

“He says: ‘This forces Me to respond with My Love!’ This is a joke, of course!” — added Vladimir under our general laugh.

“One can hate — and merge with hatred. Or one can love — and merge with Love.

“We can now very well feel the emotions of Love of God and our emotions of love for Him.

“In particular, it is necessary to be at the same time — gentle! And — to please!

“It will be understood that when we love someone — it is nice to us. But what distinguishes us from our Divine Teachers? It is that They are more perfect than we are.

“Not an abyss and not a wall is between us — and Them!

“Their perception of love or hatred — it is almost the same as ours.

“You can feel how nice it is for Them, when we caress Them!

“Not only embodied people perceive love, but also non-embodied. And the Holy Spirits — of course, too.

“Odin said: ‘Your love melts Me!...’.

“It is clear, right?” — Vladimir asked with a smile to our female majority. — “That is, you may love non-incarnate Divine Men from your female bodies as well as love the best incarnate men! Emotions are similar! And here is the same principle: the mergence of love with love!

“Mary Magdalene came to support: ‘All is true, all is true! So — it should be!’ — She says.

Jesus has come. He supports and fills with the Gold of His Smile...”

Suddenly a playful idea has come: “If for Them — when They are so many at one place — is too crowded?”

Vladimir laughs: “Here are Odin, Jesus, Mary Magdalene..., and immediately in response to this idea of yours came much more...

“No, of course, not crowded: They are free to interpenetrate Each Other, merge. Crowded — it can be only for matter of the material world.

Apostle Mark says: ‘Yes, right relationships begin from here: tender love, embraces with arms — that weave together decent souls. And then those, who have mastered this, acquire — with development — the Divine Love and penetration more and more deeply into the Absolute.

“All the Universe could be filled by all those who are capable of such love!

“Then there would be only one continuous love on the Earth!

“But this is opposed, first of all, by, in reality, the atheistic direction of religion. That is, there is talk about God — but they do not know Him! They create myths about God, fairy-tale images! But this is actually a denial of God! And, of course, — among these ‘religions’ the science of improving the soul and of the ways of approaching God and cognizing Him — cannot be developed widely!

“All such pseudo-religious forms only contribute to the replenishment of the ‘rubbish heap’ of the Evolutionary Process — that is, hell!”

“Sulia says,” — Vladimir continued — “that we can now see, how little use for God — in evolutionary terms — is from this planet! Here — almost all kill and do violence to each other and against nature! Only a very few tear away from this tremendous flow of souls going to hell!”

“Mary Magdalene adds that it is necessary to create an opposite flow! She shows that even if — to begin with — it would be at least a light brook, but it would become more clean and clear and brighter! Let it flow into the Ocean of the United We!”

... After a pause, Vladimir decided to go back — to the meditation work. But Apostle Mark stopped him:

“Everyone should very well understand that meditation is not the main thing. The main thing is one’s understanding of the strategy of the Path and of all, discussed by us with respect to ethical and esthetic perception of the environment.

“Once again: The basis of success — this is the correct understanding!”

Vladimir continued:

“Someone of Divine Women adds: ‘… And maintain love for each other! Love each other — with tenderness!

‘We wish you all success! If there will be difficulties — We will help you. And live with the understanding that all the difficulties that We offer you, are for your good!

‘We have taken all you in Our Family. But you have to do and have a deep understanding of the fact that improvement never ends.’

“... Yeremey now looks right in our bodily eyes. He сhecks the cleansing of eyes. He says: ‘Eyes must be linked with the spiritual heart, which fills the Fiery Depths of the Universe.’

“That is, it is necessary to have a constantly clean and ‘well-trodden’, passable for consciousness way between the physical eyes — through the bodily anahata — with the spiritual heart that fills the universe Depths. We are rising from these Depths into the world of Creation — and look from there. Then — ‘draw’ myself back into from where we emanated.

“This is the exercise, which will allow one to quickly remove all the defects from the eyes,” — Vladimir said to me, — “You can do it a lot of times during the day. But it requires one to be in a clean energy environment, where there are natural spaces, — but not among the crowds and urban houses.”

... I remembered the Bliss in the Turiynity, and I asked:

“What is it: from now on, we are to be all the time the Divine Fire?”

Vladimir, replying, showed that if we come into relaxation — there comes the fullness of Transparent Calm in Turiynity. Or you can become again the Fire, activating yourself.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene have come. I asked Them: “Are You now all the time together?”

Vladimir transmitted, laughing, Their answer: “If this is shameful?!”

Now all laughed, including Them...

... Then Vladimir turn our attention back to Odin.

“Odin recalls how we first met Him.

“I do not remember Who exactly directed us to His working site...

“We were that time taken out by Them of the train and were lead by roads through the fields. We walked, walked — and suddenly found ourselves in a new for us Divine energy field. Far ahead of us — a hill covered with pine forest. There — the center. We began to search it. It turns out, high above the hill is the colossal Mountain of Divine Light-Fire, and above — a Great Person with gray wavy hair. And He said of Himself: ‘I am Odin’. And then we even were living in tents on this hill — right inside Him...”

“… bathing in a pool!” — Kate laughed.

“Yes, we lived there for a long time, and needed to wash the bodies somewhere.

“There was a cavity with green moss, it was filled with rain water...” — with relish remembered Anna.

“Yes, there happened a small sphagnum bog, about forty meters in diameter. Full of water! We bathed there! As Anna was every time in ecstasy — I still remember!” — Vladimir laughed.


“It was — like a big green mop on which I put down the body — and rubbed it of moss!”

“And now Odin offers us, everyone, to become the same as He — the Mountains of Light-Fire!” — Vladimir continued when all ceased to laugh. — “But the question arises: from what Divine state should we create this Mountain? It is one thing — to tune in with Odin, enter in His Mahadouble and feel Him. It is easy...

“But to become such Mountain without the help of Odin — for this it is necessary to radiate from somewhere. I tried to do this from the ‘Sun of God’. But the ‘Sun of God’ is another. It is bright-golden Fire. But Odin now — as White Light. So, it should be done from Turiynity.

“Let’s remember, how we worked with Turiynity on working sites of Emil and Babaji. What is important here, so as not to be confused: what is different between Turiynity and protoprakriti?

“When we find ourselves in the eon of protoprakriti — there the pale stars are visible. But in Turiynity — no stars, but there may be seen the Arms of Holy Spirits, which have a special luminosity. But the stars in Turiynity are not visible. So, looking up from Turiynity, we need to create — by a part of oneself — this Mountain.

“And on the peaks of these Mountains each should feel his or her own face. It turns out, the Mountain is foundered on the Base of Turiynity. This Foundation fills the whole universe. It is endless.

“We should realize that with this new meditation — we acquire entirely new qualities. The main of them — the obtaining the state of sustainability in Turiynity.”

Anna added:

Don Juan Matus told that it is enough — to establish oneself in this state — for then any idea to become a command to implement...”

“Good talking!” — Vladimir agreed with a smile.

“That is, it is no longer the idea of \x{200b}\x{200b}individual ‘i’. But it’s — when the less is completely dissolved in the Great, and there is only the Great.

“Turiynity is the Greatest. The most important Part of the Primordial Consciousness — this is Turiynity. From the full Mergence with Turiynity — one can do anything. In particular, it is possible to approach the cells and atoms of one’s body — ‘from the other side’, that is, from the Creator. The same — in relation to any of the molecules and atoms of the material items. The key to this — to be stable in this Foundation, the Basis of all the universe.

“Turiynity — this is the other side of the world of matter. This is the main state of the Creator out of the world of Creation.

“But Emil and Adler explain now that ‘from the first attempt’ this level of perfection cannot be received, because it requires us to gradually accustom ourselves to being the Primordial.

“Further our actions should be associated with this. Everyone needs to understand what is required of him or her.”

... I was thinking to myself, what means the earthly vanity with its passions and sufferings — in comparison with the Love of God and those prospects that are offered by Him?! No love in the world — no matter how passionate, strong, and long it may be — can be close and similar to the Love that arises between the loving soul, genuinely seeking God, — and God!

... But what reason is there to talk a lot about this? Try better to realize this yourselves!

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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