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God Is not a Grandfather Sitting on a Cloud!

On the Other Side of the Material World/God Is not a Grandfather Sitting on a Cloud!

God Is not a Grandfather
Sitting on a Cloud!

When I first got acquainted with the books of Vladimir, I was very strongly impressed by the fact that, for incarnate human beings, God had to be understood not as a flying good Grandfather on a cloud, but… as the Main Beloved — Beloved Who never ceases to love, never will betray, never will change, never will die… And with Him — will never be bored!

That is, how Vladimir spoke about this subject in one of his lectures:

“What is needed for a person to have a sincere desire to go ‘drown’ in the Ocean of the Creator, to disappear in Him? One needs — to be in love with Him! And here exists the complete analogy with our earthly love having a sexual nature: the desire for meetings, the thirst for convergence, embraces, connections, mergence!

“And this is correct only if the relations are — from the human side — completely unselfish! In other words — when it is done not out of our own lust, which is strong selfish desire, sometimes to the detriment for the partner. But when it is — pure love: when the mutual desire of both partners exists to present oneself to another — and to merge together in this love!

“And now — the open Arms of God are in front of us, His Desire in respect to each of us is obvious! So — it is up to us!”

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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