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The Touch of Kim’s Palms

On the Other Side of the Material World/The Touch of Kim’s Palms

The Touch of Kim’s Palms

We moved further into the forest.

“And here is Kim*,” — Vladimir said. — “He welcomes us. His peculiarity is that He holds out His volumetric Hands of Divine Consciousness — towards His incarnate friends. He is very happy when He has the opportunity to give His love. He says that I must invite you here again and again.”

I tried to see His Hands and, as was suggested by Vladimir, to feel Their touch.

“Kim says: ‘I’m so glad when you come here! I can meet you at any point on the Earth's surface, but it is here — you can clearly feel the emotions of the Mergence with Me! I’m very happy that I can help you in the development of this emotional state!’”

I felt joy and then saw, or maybe simply imagined, — how His Hands were stretched out from a translucent White Light to my body. And then they gave a surprising Touch of Subtlest Joy, especially when they were in my anahata.

* * *

As we walked further along the path, Vladimir decided to pick and take home young nettles: to make delicacies of them. One needed for this to cut them, lightly boil, and then — with mayonnaise!

“Nettle is also a very valuable medicine. It especially helps against catarrh problems,”— he told me, — “but it must be collected before the start of its flowering, otherwise it acquires a strong irritant property in relation to the digestive system.”

… The next destination was the place of power of Yasin*, where Vladimir coached us in the perception of the boundaries of places of power. “These boundaries,” — he explained, — “can be either well-defined, resembling the membranes of balloons, or with a smooth transition, or as multi-staged.”

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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