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Help of Other Holy Spirits

On the Other Side of the Material World/Help of Other Holy Spirits

Help of Other Holy Spirits

I could sometimes hear very clearly Their thoughts. For this, I specifically wrote down on paper my articulated question to Them and, trying to dissolve in Them, attempted to accept Their answers.

Sometimes I in the same way repeated the question again, if felt that it is not understood clearly.

Now, when I reread these Revelations, I feel amply clear about what God wanted to tell me and how much He supported me. But in those days, it was much more complicated to accept this...

I will give here some excerpts from my conversations with Them, which took place for about six months. I hope it will be useful for walking the same path.

Sathya Sai Baba:

“Everything that happens to you, is intended to ensure for you growing up faster. This step is necessary to be passed. This stage is Mine and yours. Learn on the Warrior of Spirit! This is Our work with you in the near future!

“Dissolve in Me! The belief in the reliability of Our Hands — this is a property in which you have not taught yourself!

“The Source of Light attracts only those who seek this Source!

“And one must be careful not to get lost in the darkness of human errors!

“Rejoice! The time will come when you will be able to overcome all the stages of the Path!

“Hourly follow My instructions, listen to them!

“Soak this stage of formation of Wisdom!”


“I warn you: by not listening to Me, you spoil your future!

“Remorse does not bear fruit, if you work in correcting yourself not in full force!

“Pay attention: you often ‘turn a deaf ear’ to Our advices!”

“But how can I understand that I hear You and not my own thoughts?”


“To hear Me incorrectly — this can happen only if you are not fully focused to get information from Me. Then — the perception is distorted.”


“The way ‘Home’ for you — it is clear as day!

“Blamelessness is what you will learn!

“At once you solve your problems, do not leave anything ‘for later’! It is very important!

“Life in Me is the best source to quench all sorrows! Come to Me!

“Our task now — to teach you to see and hear Us as well as We see and hear you!

“Why are you depressed? Climb rate, spreads wings! Lord — with you! Amen!”

“What can I do now, in this situation, far away from Vladimir? What can I do for You?”


“The best thing you can do for Me — it’s become Me!

“It is extremely important — you to decide to stay with Us forever and in all!

“Our and your desires must be the same!”

“What now is unnecessary in my life?”

“Everything that is new, what you get from Me now, — must be performed! These are the methods of self-control and purification. Wake up early — and get down to the deeds! Purify manas!”

“How do I conquer irritability?”

“Note all that make you exasperated! There should not be… reflexes!

“And there is one flaw in your outlook yet.”


“ ...

“But how to understand and correct it?”

“Believe Me, trust Me! We will ‘weather’ you of all remnants of your past! Help Us in this! All, which is right in you, let it be selected and saved, but the needless — cast away!”


“The value of you as a consciousness can now allow you to do amazing things! Observe your positive functionality — for it to be at full power!”

“And how You once defeated in Yourself the negative emotions?”

“I gave Myself to God... And — I did not allow a single moment where My little while ‘I’ would manifest itself.

“In all that you do — depend also on Me! Try not to be a separate person from Me!

“Also Our communication with you is important — communication through thoughts.

“Do not be afraid! Walk straight!

“Understand more with your system of values: with their hierarchical distribution.

“Without a doubt, you will win!”

“But how to beat my ‘lower i’?”

Matthew the Apostle:

“Concentration in Me — will break your ego!

“And remember that only the worthy will pass all the Path to the Creator!

“You will have a hard choice: to go to Me — or to act for the sake of your self.

“Better — to resolutely sweep away all your vices!

“Go through life being funny!

“I will admit you into My Light, when you stand before Me being naked flawless soul!

“You need to try to join hands with Mine in any search, in any endeavor!

“And you should never let out of your own control your emotions and actions: before you know it, and then behind — hurt hearts, left wounds...

“You will learn to live in Me! But you still have a long ‘Way Home’.”


“Let’s together go this Path! We all are with you!

“Our happiness consists in seeing you happy!

“And teach this to others!

“The best of what you can learn now — it is to evaluate sensibly everything that happens to you! All these are the created by Us learning situations for you! You grow through them!

“You have to constantly think of Me in every moment of your life, in every hour, every day!

“If such present state of you will be repeated once more — We forbid you any possibility of arrival to Vladimir!

“Always smile!

“We are near!

“We are always with you!

“Know that you still could manage to catch up the lost in your past lives. But first you must learn to control yourself.

“Continuous monitoring is useful in the process of growth!”


“The purpose for you is to achieve the Perfection!

“The task for Vladimir is the instructing of you, as I will tell him.

“The blamelessness — this is My quality!

“The diligence is the way to the fullness of cognition of the Truth!

“I will prompt you, how to solve your problems.

“The solution of troubles in your fate — has already been found!

“My Embraces are open! Enjoy My Love! I will caress you!

“And do not attach importance to the opinions of imperfects!”


“Love has a remarkable property: to erase the memories of negative past.”


“Negative feelings are peculiar for guna tamas. Tamasic women hate, blame, contemn. They do not have inflexibility in love.

“You — do not love yourself and do not hate yourself!

“Better — love Me and dissolve in Me!”


“Self-confidence allows you to overcome obstacles!

“Discouragement and sadness, on the contrary, lead to inaction!

“Control over one’s own states is realized by means of control over the indriyas. You do not do this very good still: you are totally pulling into situations.

“But the decisions that you take are positive! Let them develop further!

“Let Cheerfulness be your motto!

“Do not need the support of someone else, besides Us!

“Only the worthy will be able to pass through all the tests, prepared for him or her by fate!

“No matter what anyone may think and say about you! Have yourself in love — and this will save you from any adversity!

“Do not rush! But to wait unnecessarily — you do not need as well!

“Everything in your life then will go on as usual.

“After ten years, you will be completely ‘up on your feet’. And then all the obstacles will be only a game for you. But this will be possible if you will be, in particular, friendly to all people, which I will bring to you. And it may be, including, even mentally retarded people.

“No matter how and what happens to you! It is important for you to be with Us! And in this — let it be your blamelessness!

“The most important that you can do now is to take Our Will. Amen!”

Matthew the Apostle:

“Life in Me means: never submerge entirely in the material cares! No matter what happens to you in the material world, what is important — you at every moment be Mine!

“And in thinking — do not sink, but it is necessary to directly work together with Me. My tips will bring you out of lethargy.”

Andrew the Apostle:

“Predisposition to sadness harms your health! This is wrong — when you are sad! This must be changed immediately! I forbid you to feel sad and ‘pulling your hair’!

“Your task for today: to complete urgent deeds and proceed to the execution of the common work.

“Your success depends on you the most: if you help others to change themselves to the better, and at the same time you make the efforts also on self-transformation — then your efforts will lead you to the Gates of Me!

“I love you, My little spring!”

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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