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We Will Please God!

On the Other Side of the Material World/We Will Please God!

We Will Please God!

One day we visited an unfamiliar to me, amazingly beautiful place of power. Here were the Holy Spirits — Women. We stood knee-deep in the heather among low pines, the soft warm wind blowed...

Vladimir has been prepared to explain the next meditation, but... stopped and looked at me:

“I am told that you have some resistance in the work on yourself. You should analyze the cause yourself. It is said that Ariadna takes you from us for half an hour...”

He then thought for a moment, listening, and suggested me, if I wish, to step aside to be alone with God — and to discuss with Him the problem.

I did not protest, giving myself to the Will of God: come what may! And I went to the small path, which we turned from into the place of power.

I intensively felt Divine Teachers around me, I prepared to listen to... And then I felt a soft push in head: there, deeply hidden, “sat” the sustainable thought — a sore that had become “chronic”, which I had tried to “reveal” in order to get rid of it. I immediately understood what was going on, but at first did not want to believe it, thinking that it was my fantasies. But here — in this marvelous place and in such close Embraces of God — here was no room for fantasies.

“Forgive yourself!” — many times repeated words were heard. — “Forgive yourself! Forgive yourself!”...

Only God knows the true motives of actions of any person! And only He can see so deeply our minds, as often we ourselves cannot see. God — is the Perfect Psychologist! Trusting Him more than ourselves, we can discover a world of new opportunities on the Path to His Abode.

My sensations were similar to a bursting dam through which joyfully and freely was running the stream of water. It turned out that all They... already a long time ago have forgiven me, but only I — no!...

One of our Teachers made a funny gesture — wiped the sweat off His forehead and exclaimed: “Well, finally!” Everyone laughed.

But it was so simple: I had only to release the indriyas from this trap: false concentration on my wrong experiences...

I was not given a long time to reflect on this topic and hurried to do just those things for which we all arrived here. For a while, I still walked along the path, enjoying the inner liberation, brushed the upper “bubble of perception” and finally came back to the others.

I glanced at Vladimir. Still, in my mind, always remained a small possibility that I could be wrong.

But Vladimir did not comment. Instead, he said that on the top of me... dropped David!

“Well, apparently, They understood that all is fine, if ‘let loose’ David upon you,” — he joked good-naturedly. — “David said that when you come home, He will come to you in the evening to help improve the intelligence.”

Oh, I could no longer even dream of this! For me it was a great gift!

Vladimir, meanwhile, began to speak about how to listen to God:

“God may be perceived as the Companion. And it is possible to ask Him questions.

“Or sometimes Divine Teachers Themselves begin to warn, advise.

“But also you can enter into the mergence with the Holy Spirit. Then I feel that I am not, but only He or She is. In this case — the understanding comes on the subject in question. Of course, such states are available only to those who have developed themselves to a state of sufficiently large spiritual heart.

“Let’s all take now this knowledge in practice: let us feel what it means when the Interviewee is God.

“Now with us — several Divine Women, plus David, Adler... You can embrace all Them, ask questions to Them, merge with Them...

“For example: you ask the question… — and the answer is not! Then you can be indignant, you can say that I do not want to embrace You anymore because You do not want to talk with me! Or I will not merge with You until You tell me!...”

... All laughed at this joke, because for those, who had cognized the Love of God, such a perturbation is not possible.

“Now, we and They — all laugh, all jubilate,” — Vladimir continued. — “And if a good mood is in us — They will be happy to respond. The main thing — to rejoice!

“But if I’m discouraged... — then I am not pleasant to contact with anyone, including God! Bad emotions — they are for all disgusting to touch!

“One can imagine to feel — how Divine Teachers perceive a sad person. It must be sufficient once to experience this — for us to never fall into these states!

“What is the depressed state? Here is an example of thoughts that create such emotions: ‘Why am I unhappy?!... Nothing is possible to me!... The situation — desperate!... There is no gap in life!... Everything is well — for others... And I — feel only disgusted!...’ And — cry, cry, cry... It can be carried o...

“So — we can become repulsive for God!

“If one experiences fatigue — it is quite legitimate for the incarnate! So — you need to rest!

“But to fall into despair — we cannot! Because it is repulsive for all — to have contact with such a person!

“The grouch — it is a dead end, in which one drives oneself! Therefore, let us all remember that it is prohibited to fall into despair in any case! Never! Otherwise, I repeat, we become repulsive for God!

“It is better, on the contrary, — to cheer God! For to Him — it would be pleasant! For — to laugh together, to rejoice!

“After all, who is — God? God is, first of all, the Totality of all the Perfects, Who once were the same people as we are now.

“And They, like we, — although in principally more perfect level — feel, perceive, think, react emotionally. And for Them, it would be a pleasure to talk with us — when we are happy, joyful!

“So, here, look,” — he said to me: — “right now with you is David. So you grab Him and shout to Him: ‘I feel so good with You!’ And — in general — joke, laugh, be merry!

“David now seems to want to say something…” — Vladimir listened. — “I do not know through whom of us... Yes! He says: ‘Your Aim — to become Me! But you — only merge sometimes...’”.

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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