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Ethics — and our Relationships with God

On the Other Side of the Material World/Ethics — and our Relationships with God

Ethics — and our Relationships with God

Vladimir continued:

“The Mergence with the Holy Spirits not always gives us benefit, because our vices — only because of this — if they still exist — cannot be noticed by us, not understood. More is required of us: to strive to become perfect namely in all aspects of development of consciousness!

“Once in my past, I showed to one unlucky guy the working site of Jesus. And said to him that Hesychasts invited Jesus into their anahatas...

“Then I watched how that guy tried to drag Jesus into his body. From the side, he looked crazy: because he tried to force Jesus by his material hands, making the distinctive movements! All the rare passersby tried to get as far as possible from him!

“That guy did not become better due to that experience. He did not — why? Because one needs to start a direct relationship with God — from ethics, from ethical cleansing, self-transformation! If a person is ethically messy — and that guy was exactly this — then neither Jesus nor Anyone else from God — will help him or her as that man wanted!

“The first thing that everyone should do — is to carefully analyze oneself in terms of what God wants of me. If this is not done, then God will joke upon this person, ridicule and convene all Members of the United We to ‘enjoy’: ‘look — what a fool! And what is this fool doing: he is trying to be Me! But he has not even begun trying to become better!’

“By the way, that guy lived with his wife. When they were together, they the whole day were making censures to each other. That is, their dialogues during each day consisted of only wrangle! ‘You are so and so!’, ‘No, it’s you who are so!’, ‘And you...’… And ends were such that she drove him out of her house! But then, after a while, she called: ‘Come, I’m waiting for you…’. And everything started the same again. And so it was for years.

“But in reality — one should never make censures!

“Firstly, there is a very significant ethical principle suggested to us by God: ‘Do not do to others what you do not want yourself!’

“Secondly, making censures — this is violence against others! And violence — it is one of the grossest vices!

“Moreover, if the same censure is repeated many times — this is called tediousness: one form of violence. Easily the result of tediousness is that the victim of such violence begins to hate the owner of this vice.

“So, the effect of making censures will be opposite to the desired. To endure censure — it is usually a very painful situation!

“Third, if you want to help someone to correct him or her, you must tell them, what is necessary, only at that time, when this person wants to hear about it from you. There cannot be true benefits of such attempts, if that one is in a state when he or she is tired, or self-satisfied, or some other dominant is now in mind. And the reaction will be: ‘I am busy with other things, I have other problems to solve!’

“Therefore, if we want to scold someone productively for the health of the soul, it is necessary to wait for the moment when one wants to hear. And then we must speak — with love, and not on the background of our own disgruntled emotions. This is — an important rule of any communication! Because otherwise — it is very easy to quarrel, lose love!

“I watched once an interesting group of nice people. But they adopted from someone such ‘spiritual method’: they specially assembled to speak to each other about all their errors, to expose all their flaws! What came of it? Only insults at each other!

“In addition, reprimands should always be flawless: exact, well-articulated.

“So, the first steps on the spiritual Path must always be just work on oneself. It is necessary for everyone to analyze oneself: how far am I corresponding to the standard that God offers us? And it is work not for one evening!

“Personally I have dedicated to this — years: I studied the holy books, in particular, re-read many times the New Testament. I made extractions, underscored in the margins of pages in different colors the most important for me at present. One color — something that I need to change in myself right now. Then, after a while, another color for that I had not noticed before and that I have not changed now. Then — underscore something with some other color. Each time, fewer and fewer problems remained which were needed to be solved.

“I do not want to suggest that you copy me in all. But I will turn attention to the fact that such work is very serious! After all, we must not only say to ourselves about this or that commandment of God: ‘Yes, this is — right! It’s — well!’ — and forget about it. But it is necessary — to remake, to alter ourselves — as souls! Some qualities in myself are to be erased — so that they never appear! Repentance must be applied! Other qualities, which I need to have, on the contrary, must be developed in myself!

“And then, when we have done this work — the Divine Teachers begin to actively assist in the further transformation of we-souls.

“We all have the following experience: sometimes meditations go fine, but sometimes, ‘somehow’, — no. It depends not only on the weather, tiredness, etc. But it also depends on whether the Divine Teachers help us or do not help. On Them — much depends! They help the worthy disciple with all Their Might. And about the unworthy — think: ‘God forbid — to plunge into such one! Just become bedraggle!’. (Am joking!)

“Brief summary: it is necessary for everyone to work on oneself! Such work is made up of a number of directions: ethical, intellectual and psycho-energy. All these areas need to coexist harmoniously. Nothing good will come if one tries to work only in psycho-energy aspect of development!”

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