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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
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Looking from God

On the Other Side of the Material World/Looking from God

Looking from God

One day we were sitting enjoying a summer evening, and reflected on God’s proposed task: how to learn to manipulate matter. We recalled Baird Spalding’s book “The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East”: how, in particular, Emil — from water in a cup — by the effort of Consciousness made ice and then melted it again. How could we be able to do so?

In front of us, the cup of water stood, in which our homemade honey from the flowers of meadowsweet was diluted.

Emil approached. He was first noted only by Vladimir. Vladimir silently waited to hear about our dreams, then said:

“Emil came and drank from this cup... He shared with Jesus... They tasted our honey with pleasure, instead of creating the ice from it!”

Everyone laughed.

“They say that, if it is serious,” — Vladimir continued — “the picture is as follows. They say: ‘Great is all that you have done! And all around your bodies — also is wonderful: everything is flourishing, everything is in peace and love! And let it always be so! Let all of you always fulfill Our common Will, to Which is connected each of you! This is the Will of the United We! And the United We must be, in the end, not only the Interlocutor, not some other Object, but the United We should include you! You must act as One with Us, the Oneness. There should be no division between ‘I’ — and ‘You’. You should strive to this!”

“Do you remember,” — Vladimir elucidated this idea — “today we went into the Divine Depths, became big there and watched from there: where are our bodies? The body of each of us has been in that meditation the object of our attention.

“This work should have an extension: we have to become the ‘open gates’ of the Primordial Consciousness — into the world of people. That is, we should not look from the bodies to God, but to look from God at the bodies and at all in the world of Creation.

“Emil says that we are very pleasing to Him, and it is well to imprint this information. ‘Let it be so! But for this,’ — He says — ‘each needs to become One with All of Us and with all Our Manifestations. This requires one to change the direction of vectors of looking.’

“I’ll digress now and ask Emil about bovine proteins, which are in dairy products. In winter, we were told that we need to give up milk products. Are contraindicated for us precisely all animal proteins?

“Emil says that each must decide for themselves. Personally, to me, He says, they are contraindicated now, even in the forms of cheese, curds.

“Butter is not a subject to review, we are talking only about protein products.

“Once in our past, we were also advised to stop eating eggs. Then it was motivated by the fact that, although it is not a sinful food, egg proteins do not allow one to refine further the consciousness.

“That is, eggs for beginners are not contraindicated. But at the higher stages of Buddhi Yoga they should be prohibited.

“And now we are talking about the proteins of milk origin. Apparently, the energy from cows which enters our bodies by means of milk and milk products — is undesirable for us now.

“Emil agrees.

“But talking about food, we should not forget the main: that we now have a very important task — to change the vectors of looking.

“In recent years, we have achieved very good progress — both in the understanding and personal advancement.

“Well, look here! That’s Jesus... Yeah, with us now — not only Emil and Jesus... Who is He?... White hair... Oh, He’s Odin!

“They say that, in any case, it is impossible to give precisely methods of realization of this task to uncomprehending people! This information should not be relegated to idle people! The understanding at the level of a crowd — of what we’re talking about — it is impossible! Odin says this, these are His words. He emphasizes this again and repeats: ‘It is impossible, impossible, impossible!...’.

“Odin now is very bright in the anthropomorphic form: broad face, white hair.

“He says that it would be desirable for us to visit this place more often before the snow. It is more important than picking mushrooms.

“He says: ‘Help Me in the deed that I am doing with your help on the Earth! Here you need to move personal interests upstage! If you are going to collect the mushrooms, do this only “between times”.’

“Odin again repeats: ‘Help me! This is your main task now! Everything else is necessary to push or throw out!’”

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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