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Admonition by Avicenna

On the Other Side of the Material World/Admonition by Avicenna

Admonition by Avicenna

“A lot of time has passed since then, as I have incarnated on the Earth.

“Annals which were preserved of Me — all this is negligible in comparison with what happened between us: Me (at the time incarnate) and God.

“In those days, I had to put a lot of work to assert My independence. The firmness was the best feature of Mine in that time.

“Now I know clearly that one’s time — this is the most precious thing which a person can have, guided by God. In this — the wisdom of life!

“Sadness is only appropriate when you know that you made a mistake — and it is irreparable.

“But your situation is different.

“Now is just the beginning of your journey with Us. Hold on! You have to go through a lot more roads, and they all lead to Me!

“Do not worry! My Words are the guide-book for you! Let everything be in your life, as I want!

“Life with Me teaches you the tenderness.

“Let's go hand in hand through thy earthy way!

“Fully trust Me!

“Do not oppose the conviction of you by Vladimir! He already has successfully swept away from you the layer of rudeness!

“You do not need words of reproach against him! And no need to fear! It is necessary — only to follow My and Vladimir’s guidance!

“Fight for your love to Me!

“We need now for you to learn to enter easily the state of complete calm! This already has been mastered by you! And it is — your future!

“Rise up!”

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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