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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

The Path of the Spiritual Warrior

On the Other Side of the Material World/The Path of the Spiritual Warrior

The Path of the Spiritual Warrior

Once again we went by the already familiar and yet unfamiliar to me working sites of the Divine Teachers — for, mainly, consolidating the already completed earlier states of consciousnesses. To my relief, I found that I had not lost any of these abilities. Moreover, I almost did not get tired even after a very long sessions of trainings.

How much joy such training deliver — this is beyond words! Fluffy pines and fir trees, delicate petals of wild rose flowers, the scent of sea water, the sand rustling under my feet, the bright spring sun in the clear sky and the sun “bunnies” on the water — all rich emotions of joy, ease, tenderness, love!

I noticed that these states — as deep into my advancement — are becoming more intense and brighter. And every time, I was surprised and delighted at just how strong may be increasing bliss!

As in the past, one or another Holy Spirit was inviting us to a certain place at a certain time. And there — He or She flooded us with Their Love and taught.

“To walk from the state of a common human being to the status of God, having merged with Him, — so this is, on the whole, the spiritual Path,” — said Vladimir. — “This Path consists in a set of steps of development of oneself as a consciousness.

“Intelligence is only one of the functions of consciousness,” — he continued. — “Intelligence is also to be developed; without this the spiritual Path cannot be overcome. But in order to develop other functions of consciousness, we must be able to stop the excessive activity of the mind. The meditative work optimally takes place in a state of hesychia — mental silence, which can be achieved only within the developed spiritual heart.

“In order for success to really take place, you must, first, find yourself and act — in the light of the expanded anahata. This will be the first really taken, big step!

“And no ceremonies, prayers, worships, sacrifices — nothing can replace that which we should do through our own efforts to remake ourselves!

“Every day we need to reform ourselves! It is prohibited to do violence over others, but within myself — it can and should be!

“Even if to participate in the practical trainings, conducted by even the best spiritual masters, — a fundamental change of the soul due to only this — does not happen! But each of us needs in every day make the independent efforts to remake oneself!

“I repeat that, in the beginning, one needs to make sure that the spiritual heart becomes as clearly perceptible, as the head. We must learn to live in the spiritual heart, to see from it, to hear from it, to talk from it! The spiritual heart should become the center of each spiritual seeker! Mastering the spiritual heart should be the necessary step, from which one could successfully continue working on oneself.”

... God constantly reminded me about it: “You can do it — and do it! And none will do it instead of you for you! Only you can change yourself!”

... There was a stage when I suddenly began to realize that my life contains far more selfish thoughts and actions than altruistic thoughts and emotions. And I began to correct it.

I used to “grab my head”, looking at all this “blockage”. And God specially provoked in my life such situations, in which one or other soul’s flaw became clear and obvious to me.

And when the next layer of coarse shortcomings turned out to be washed, even more deeply buried faults became apparent. Again, I started the painful process of pulling them out!

Gradually, I had learned to accept such situations, as those which God created and brought to me, namely — the opportunity to take every new step of my development.

So episodes of my struggle against myself — had gradually become the stages of the “study on God”.

For example, as Vladimir told in one of his films, he even forgot how it is — to be irritated... And I did not have clearly this property...

... Why do I dwell on this topic in such detail? When I read the books of Vladimir for the very first time, it seemed to me that all, which was written in them, is so obvious and natural! But on the ethical aspect of the work, I have not lingered long... This was because the ethical principles seemed to me... something taken for granted! But it turned out...

When an adept reaches the depth to which I had approached, all the “little things”, each movement of the soul — become extremely important!

For those who go by the Path of spiritual heart, everything said here, may be, either “stones to cross the raging torrent” or... that you will never in this lifetime be able to get to “the other side”.

... Then God had led me to a new level — to a state of self-awareness in the United We, allowing me to join in and live in Him for some time...

And then He clearly pointed out to me, what other soul’s properties of mine are not suitable for this level of being... And He returned me to the previous level — for me again to climb by my own efforts.

But at least I knew that stage and where and how to climb it.

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On the Other Side of the Material World
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